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Construction Process

We want to insure you fully understand the process of building your new home and feel at ease!  We don’t want to just build your first home, but your second, third, fourth….

1  Receive Pre-Qualification from your Lender: Submit the necessary paperwork to your preferred lender so you can establish your budget for construction.

2  Floor Plans: Select a floor plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

3  Lots: Select the subdivision or building site that fits your need and budget.

4  Write Purchase & Sales Agreement: Once you have financing guidelines, a home plan and a building site we will proceed with putting into writing the agreement.

5  Receive Loan Approval:  Submit the purchase agreement to your lender and insure your lender has all necessary information to proceed with your mortgage loan.

6  Optional Features: Personalize your home with some of our many optional features.  When adding options that increase the purchase price, communicate with your lender so you are staying within budget.

7  Preconstruction Meeting: The Contractor will meet with you to finalize the decisions that need to be made for construction to start.

8  Apply for Permits: Schoeny, Inc. will apply for the required building permits and finalize the plans for your home.

9  Foundation: The excavation and foundation phases is the first step after the permits have been granted.

10  Construction Phase: After the foundation is in the place, the framing and construction process will begin.

11  Interior Finishes and Inspections: Your new home will be inspected to insure we have met the permit guidelines and receive the occupancy permit. Every area of the home is inspected and insured the quality meets our standards.

12  Homeowner Walk Thru: Schoeny, Inc. will walk through your new home with you, familiarizing you with the features and explain all important safety features.

13  Closing: Your lender will schedule the closing time and date. Following recording and completion, you are now ready to move into your new home!

14  Warranty Period: Our homes include a warranty package.  You will be provided a warranty outline on the home, furnace, roof, etc.  Anytime you require service, feel free to fill out our online form or call us